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German Shipping Law

This online course was created by Safebridge, to revise and replace Safebridge’s existing distance learning course and to offer an e-learning alternative to ship officers, to acquire the knowledge and certification with regards to the German Maritime Law, as deemed necessary by the national regulations.

Shipping Law

The German Shipping Law course is available for purchase here.

“German Shipping Law” is suitable for non-German management level officers (chief mates, chief engineers and second engineers), who are on board ships flying the German flag.

Fully Compliant & Authorised  by BSH and BMVI

Safebridge GmbH is authorised by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) and by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), to provide approved training and qualifying examinations for German Maritime Law as per § 21/2 of the Ships Officers’ Training Regulations.

Objectives of the course:

  • Offer an e-learning alternative to non-German ship officers (management level) to acquire the knowledge and certification with regards to the German Shipping Law as deemed necessary by the national regulations.
  • Provide an online training course to the user, to comply with the STCW convention (regulation I/10 paragraph 2) requiring officers to have appropriate knowledge of the flag states maritime legislation.
  • Extend the course offering which is currently offline based, to online.
  • Enhance the learning experience of the end-user.

Course Description:

“German Shipping Law” features video tutorials, glossary, test and certification. The course prepares students for the assessment test, which follows upon completion of all nine modules.

The Modules include:

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: The Federal Republic of Germany

Module 3: Fundamentals of German Criminal Justice

Module 4: Maritime Labour Convention

Module 5: Maritime Responsibility Act

Module 6: Ship Safety

Module 7: Dangerous Goods

Module 8: Law of the Flag

Module 9: Marine Accident Investigation

Course Structure:

  • Nine Modules
  • Glossary with all the important German and legal terms defined.
  • A test with single answer questions, from the prescribed course material of the different modules.
  • A certificate is provided when the test is successfully passed and a copy of the certificate is sent to BSH to keep for their records.


Make sure that a webcam is connected to your device.

We recommend the usage of wired internet connection. Please note that connection via mobile internet is also possible, however, it is considered highly unstable and might cause failure of your exam.

Supported Internet Browsers:



Internet Explorer



Operating Systems:

Windows 8 and later

MacOS 10.12 Siera and later

Apple iOS 11 and later

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