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UK Legal and Administrative Processes (UKLAP Grade 2)

As an MCA approved exam centre of UKLAP in Germany, we at Safebridge have used our knowledge and expertise to develop the UK Legal and Administrative Processes (UKLAP) Grade 2 course and deliver it to the highest e-learning standards, thus enhancing the learning experience of the end-user.

Shipping Law

The UK Legal and Administrative Processes (UKLAP Grade 2) course is available for purchase here.

The course is suitable for non-UK officers working on board vessels registered in the UK who do not hold a UK Certificate of Competency (CoC) and must have a Certificate of Equivalent Competency (CEC). MSN 1867(M) states that all Chief Mates, Chief Engineers and Second Engineers need to have knowledge of UKLAP in order to enable safe and efficient vessel operation in compliance with UK regulations.

eLearning course with video tutorials, Glossary and a TestMe provides a high-quality training experience to end users.


Module 1: Certificates and Documents Required on a UK Flagged Vessel

Module 2: Role and Function of the MCA

Module 3: Provision of Muster Drills and Training on Board

Module 4: Provision of Health and Safety on UK Ships

Module 5: Official Log Book

Course Structure/Main Characteristics

  • 5 Modules
  • Glossary with all the main legal terms defined.
  • A test with Single Choice questions. 80% pass required.
  • The exam consists of random questions from the prescribed course material of the different modules.
  • A certificate is provided when the test is successfully passed.

The course prepares students for the assessment test, which follows upon completion of all modules.

Objectives of the Course/Product

The objective of this course/product is to provide the following:

  • Offer an e-learning alternative to foreign ship officers (management level) to acquire the knowledge and with regards to UKLAP Grade 2 as deemed necessary by the MCA.
  • The certification resulting from successful completion of the course will allow Owners and Operators of UK vessels to prove that they have taken the required measures to ensure that their officers have UKLAP knowledge as required by the MCA.
  • To offer an e-learning alternative to foreign ship officers (management level) to comply with the STCW convention (regulation I/10 paragraph 2) requiring officers to have appropriate knowledge of the flag states maritime legislation.
  • To extend our current offering of offline based course to online.
  • We are an MCA approved exam centre of UKLAP in Germany. Our knowledge and expertise have allowed us to develop the Grade 2 course to the highest standard and enhance the learning experience of the end users.


Technical Requirements:

We recommend the usage of wired internet connection. Please note that connection via mobile internet is also possible, however, it is considered highly unstable and might cause failure of your exam.

Supported Internet Browsers:



Internet Explorer



Operating Systems:

Windows 8 and later

MacOS 10.12 Siera and later

Apple iOS 11 and later

Video not available

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