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ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots

The ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots is a tailored course that addresses the particular needs of the Pilots while operating the ECDIS equipment.


The ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots course is available for purchase here.

Pilots are in a different situation from ships' bridge crews when it comes to the operation of ECDIS. They do not manage the system files or input and update data. Therefore, not all subjects covered in the IMO Model Course and TST Course are directly relevant to a Pilot‘s job.

Course Structure

The course covers both generic topics and type-specific familiarisation that specifically addresses the Maritime Pilots’ needs.

Generic module: Navigating with ECDIS.

Type-specific modules for various manufacturers.

Course Content

Generic Module:

  • Standards and Requirements
  • ECDIS Overview
  • Electronic Charts
  • Alert Management
  • Shiphandling with ECDIS


Type-Specific Module:

  • Introduction and Basics
  • ECDIS Setup
  • Shiphandling
  • Sensors and Alerts
  • Monitoring
  • Navigating Tools


Objectives of the Course:

  • Understand the navigational functions of ECDIS;
  • Direct the selection of and assess relevant information;
  • Understand the potential errors of displayed data and the common errors of interpretation;
  • Explain why ECDIS should not be relied upon as the sole source of navigational information;
  • Be familiar with the features that are common to all ECDIS systems.


We recommend the usage of wired internet connection.

Supported Internet Browsers:



Internet Explorer



Operating Systems:

Windows 8 and later

MacOS 10.12 Siera and later

Apple iOS 11 and later

Video not available

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