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SafeMetrix Competency-Based Interview Guidelines

Learn how to apply the SafeMetrix Competency-Based Interview Guidelines to conduct seafarer interviews effectively. Understand how to identify critical elements in the responses of candidates for a complete view of their non-technical skills. The skills that matter the most for the optimal performance on board.

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Interviewing is an integral approach to identifying and selecting seafarers whose skills, behaviour and attitudes ensure optimal performance on board. The competency-based interviewing guidelines: 
  • Assist interviewers in conducting interviews in a structured way.
  • Offer the means to assess the most important non-technical skills of a seafarer.
  • Explain the benefits of competency-based interviewing. 
  • Assist in providing positive and negative indicators to help the interviewer identify the key elements deriving from seafarer's responses. 


The competency-based interview guidelines are designed to assist Human Resource Competency Management in the maritime industry. They help those involved in the crew selection, training, and development as well as the promotion process to make decisions based on actionable data. These guidelines can be considered as an extension of the primary SafeMetrix assessments (MET-3S & MET-CSS). They should be used in conjunction with these assessments to follow-up and focus on areas of strengths and weaknesses of the applicants.

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