Yacht Chef: Mastering Guests Preferences

Master the art of collecting and understanding the exact preferences of your guests in preparation for your next voyage as a Yacht Chef. Acquire the necessary knowledge to deliver dining experiences that will not only meet but exceed their expectations during the charter. 

Yachting and Leisure

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As a professional Yacht Chef, your ability to understand and prepare for your guests' unique demands is the key to ensuring their satisfactory experience onboard. Doing this requires adequate food preparation and planning, depending on their nationality, age, religion, health conditions and of course, dietary requirements.

Yacht Chef Vol 2 - Mastering Guest Preferences is the second in a series of online courses designed to offer both experienced and aspiring chefs the essential knowledge of working as a Chef onboard luxury yachts.

right arrow 16 Target Audience

This course is suitable for both experienced and starting out chefs who wish to explore a new career path as a professional Yacht Chef. 

right arrow 16 Course Structure

Module 1 – General Personal Information
          a. General Guest Information
          b. Detailed Guest Information
          c. The Importance of the Itenerary
Module 2 – Guest Preferences
          a. Meal Planning
          b. Food Preferences
          c. Drinking Preferences
Module 3 – Behind the Scenese
          a. The Shopping List
          b. Additional Concerns and Tips

right arrow 16 Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course; however, we strongly recommend completing the predecessor course Yacht Chef: The Essentials to have a complete overview of this topic and gain the most out of our new online course series. 

right arrow 16 Technical Requirements

We recommend the use of a wired internet connection when taking this course. Connection via mobile internet is also possible; however, it is considered unstable and might cause the failure of your exam.

Supported Internet Browsers: 

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple macOS
  • Linux,
  • Android
  • Apple's iOS
Important note: For optimized experience we suggest using a desktop browser.

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