SkySails Vessel Performance Manager (V-PER) Online Training Course

This is an online training course created by SkySails Marine Performance GmbH. The Vessel Performance Manager or V-PER provides the crew onboard a vessel with relevant and reliable real-time information, to support them in decision making.

Vessel Performance & Efficiency

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SkySails Marine Performance GmbH (SMP) builds upon a long-standing and in-depth experience in marine data acquisition and evaluation as well as process automation.

Τo-date SMP’s solutions have been installed on vessels of almost any type and size: From 3,500 dwt mini-bulkers through 50,000 dwt tankers, large container vessels and feeder ships to OSVs and CTVs.


Our portfolio ranges from single measurement solutions like main engine consumption monitoring to complete performance management systems including auxiliary and boiler as well as collecting torque data.


This makes SMP your one-stop solution and long-term partner - guiding you into the digital future of shipping.


Course Description:

“SkySails Vessel Performance Manager (V-PER)” features video tutorials, FreePlay, Glossary, TestMe and certification. The course aims to familiarise seafarers with the installed equipment.


Course Structure:

Module 1: Report Manager - Overview

Module 2: V-PER Hardware Structure

Module 3: V-PER Settings

Module 4: V-PER Live Data View

Module 5: Log Entries

Module 6: Voyage Management - Voyage Creation

Module 7: Voyage Management - Voyage Reporting


Course Main Characteristics:

a) GuideMe provides access to all training videos.

b) FreePlay is the unique feature that enables you to use the original software for your training.

c) Glossary offers a list with all significant nautical or course-specific terms, mentioned within the GuideMe. 

d) A test is the exam mode that combines different questions related to the course content into one interactive exam. 60% pass required.

e) A certificate is provided when the test is successfully passed and is valid indefinite.


Equipment Covered:

1) V-PER Software: SkyMaster_V3.07.04

2) Training package to run on VM: 191015 V-PER Simulator Package (contains autostart remover, SQL-Database and V-PER Simulator)


Technical Requirements:

Make sure that a webcam is connected to your device.

We recommend the usage of wired internet connection. Please note that connection via mobile internet is also possible, however, it is considered highly unstable and might cause failure of your exam.


Supported Internet Browsers:



Internet Explorer




Operating Systems:

Windows 8 and later

MacOS 10.12 Siera and later

Apple iOS 11 and later

Video not available

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