ChartBrowser Online Training Course

The ChartBrowser course provides officers with the deeper software knowledge required for efficient chart selection, management and automatic routing.


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ChartBrowser is a digital chart application of ChartWorld which allows to find, select and collect different chart products corresponding to a calculated route, to manage an already existing chart inventory and to send a product order to your agent or directly to ChartWorld. 

After delivery charts will be decrypted by means of supplied permit data to finally install the charts on board of related ECDIS/ECS systems. 

The course structure is as follows: 

Module 1 General User Interface  

Introduction to the various icons, functions and features of ChartBrowser to ensure appropriate handling.  

Module 2 Shopping Basket and Inventory  

Explanation of the different options for the Shopping Basket and the inventory.  

Module 3 Chart Selection and Ordering  

Description of how to find, select and collect the required chart as well as how to send an order to ChartWorld 

Module 4 Chart Permits and Updating the Catalogues  

This module deals with the Chart Permits and the updating process of the ChartBrowser catalogues. 

To get a free copy of ChartBrowser and to find out how to efficiently manage your ECDIS/ECS data coverage for your navigation systems, please register in the ChartWorld home page under:

Equipment Covered:

Chart Software – Back of Bridge Software 

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