MET-3S: Soft Skills for Seafarers

Gain valuable and actionable insights into your soft skills as an officer and use this information for your future personal development. Utilse the option to share a full company report with your prospective employer to showcase your soft skills and encourage transparency in their hiring process. 

Psychometric Assessments

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right arrow 16 Course Description 

The Soft, "non-technical skills" are becoming increasingly important onboard, accelerated by the rapidly changing workforce and automation of technical tasks. Maritime accident investigations indicate that a lack of soft skills and human error are the most common reasons behind accidents at sea.

Employers across various industries are incorporating soft skills in their crewing decisions, and this assessment presents the perfect opportunity for you, as a seafarer, to be proactive and showcase that you are ready to meet the modern-day demands of the industry.

This assessment will offer you insights across 13 skills grouped in 3 clusters:

• Coping under pressure
• Self-management
• Interpersonal skills

right arrow 16 Target Audience

There are no specific pre-requisites; however, this assessment, including the norming sample used, are tailored to address the soft skill levels of all officer ranks onboard in the maritime industry.

This assessment is suitable for all officer ranks onboard including:

• Management Level Deck Officers
• Operational Level Deck Officers
• Management Level Engine Officers
• Operational Level Engine Officers

right arrow 16 Prerequisites

Language: English 

Est. Duration: 45-60 minutes
Test Format: Likert Scale

Reporty Validity - 2 years recommended

Net Price - € FREE

Assessments may take up to 1 working day to be assigned.

We recommend the usage of wired internet connection. Please note that connection via mobile internet is also possible, however, it is considered highly unstable and might cause failure of your exam.

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Supported Internet Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge

Operating Systems:
• Windows 8 or higher with latest updates installed
• MacOS 10.12 Siera or higher with latest updates installed
• Apple iOS 11 or higher with latest updates installed

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